Core Team

Pravin Bachhav

Country Head CRE India Operations


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Pravin Bachhav, our esteemed Country Head of Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Operations in India, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Stallion Universal. As a seasoned civil engineer and visionary leader, Pravin is renowned for his ability to set new trends and create impactful statements within the industry. His commitment to continuous development is evident in his strategic approach to business, always keeping both old traditions and new innovations in mind

Raj Naik

Senior Director – Emerging Business

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Raj Naik, our Senior Director of Emerging Business, is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in business space advisory, real estate consulting, and emerging markets. With a strong background in industrial warehousing and retail sectors, Raj brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic insight to Stallion Universal. His expertise lies in identifying and capitalizing on emerging opportunities in the dynamic real estate landscape, driving growth and innovation across various sectors.

Abhaya Chandel

Director Corporate Workspace

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Abhaya Chandel, our Director of Corporate Workspace, is a dynamic leader with a passion for creating innovative and functional work environments. With a focus on corporate workspace solutions, Abhaya brings a unique blend of creativity and practicality to her role at Stallion Universal. Her strategic vision and hands-on approach ensure that our corporate clients receive tailored workspace solutions that enhance productivity and foster collaboration.

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Continuous Improvement

At Stallion, our triumph is tied to delivering solutions marked by exceptional quality and groundbreaking innovation.

Environmental, Social & Governance

Our dedication lies in conserving environmental resources for a sustainable and thriving future for all.

Real-time reporting

We place your needs at the center of our work. Hence we use real-time reporting to offer you valuable insights.

Quality assurance

Our deep knowledge, superior data, technology, and multi-dimensional perspectives help us provide excellent services and outputs.

Ethical Practices

We get you right and updated market awareness before time and this is what is admired by our clients, investors, our team & business partners.

Stallion Universal emerges as a powerhouse in the realm of workplace innovation, under the robust leadership of its parent company, Stallion Global UK. Our focus is on delivering bespoke solutions that redefine the occupier experience in commercial real estate.

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