Business Space Advisory

  • Powering the lifecycle of commercial real estate in India.

Tenant Solutions:

Your search for a new office; a big buy or a moderate lease comes to an end, right here. Be it an expansion of footprints or just a reordering of existing lease terms, our space advisory team hand-holds you through the complete process. It is a smooth ride without hiccups to your business success. Our group of Business space lease advisory experts designs a winning strategy for businesses with big to shoe-string budgets.


Business space advisory service demands smart attention that yields results in case of occupancy in single or multi-tenanted premises, industrial hubs, corporate tech spaces with high-end amenities, and state-of-the-art technological innovations. Our advisory team takes care of the time, cost, and value of your proposition. The entire lifecycle of the project glides through the processes of marketing, analysis, evaluation, and execution without getting you bothered much about the budget and time invested in the project.

Evaluation for Flexible Workspace:

The post-pandemic world has gone through a huge paradigm shift from an unfailing composure to an alert work culture in the corporate spaces. Business owners, the c-suite in different corporate biggies is now more inclined to a flexible workspace that proves value for money. For this, the Stallion Universal business space advisory team first makes an unbiased audit of the space you are planning to lease. It must be reviewed for usability in all possible situations and uncalled-for shutdowns. Our aim is to feature your way of work with all its new-found smart ways of maximum optimization.

Analysis of Your Need:

Would you lease, purchase, or keep it a hybrid or flexible workspace? Our team helps you analyze your need, and current business scenario to even help you have a clear overview of your requirement. A thorough analysis will help us shape a perfect offering for you and redefine the bespoke workspace strategy tailored only for you.

Possible Requirements for Space Advisory:

Sometimes, businesses plan to enter a new market (new area of business or new location). In certain other cases, businesses need to move to a more technologically upgraded place for embracing newer projects. Demands are really high these days. Often people expect home-like conveniences and network supremacy for a lightning-fast pace of work and seamless results.

Final Execution:

We have a team of experienced personnel who have been in the industry for a decade or so. Once the analysis and evaluation parts are over, the Stallion team arranges a meeting with its clients. Then comes the negotiation part that leads to the sealing of the deal.

Tenant Representation:

You can have a peaceful night’s sleep through the process of your commercial space purchase or tenancy. The thorough market research, unbiased service offering, quick evaluation of the industry standard, and smart execution of the deal ensure a win-win situation for you. The Stallion team commercial property advisory team helps you hit a jackpot in terms of your new space acquisition and all other related processes like rental market analysis, renegotiation, strategic guidance, financial analysis, etc.

Hope to see you soon on the other side of a mind-blowing and professionally fulfilling deal. Of course, with a smile.