About Us

  • You miss important things if you don’t know us.

All hands are invited to the board room to achieve daily success of the organisation.

Stallion helps you decide on choosing compliant office spaces to creates healthy workspaces. In sync with nature for businesses around the world. We do this with the intent to inspire your people with the perfect environment and to preserve the resources of the earth, for a better tomorrow.

We look forward to create healthy spaces, which is a gift to our clients. The intend is to achieve a better today for a long lasting tomorrow for the society.

Global Headquarters: Canary Wharf, Canada Square, London, UK.

Established in 2020, Stallion Universal is a sister company of Stallion Global UK Pvt. Ltd. Stallion is an occupier focused workplace solutions firm. We specialize in commercial, industrial, retail, hospitality and healthcare. Our like-minded, aspiring and dynamic team works to help you achieve your ambitions, creating demanding spaces that will always remain a class apart.

Why Stallion?


Real time reporting

We place your needs at the centre of our work. Hence we use real-time reporting to offer you valuable insights.


Quality assurance

Our deep knowledge, superior data, technology and multi-dimensional perspectives help us provide excellent services and outputs.


Legal compliant

Real estate laws keep evolving. We take care of all the compliances that govern the spaces we create so that you can be care-free when you set foot in them.


Continuous Improvement

Our success depends upon the quality and innovativeness of the solution we deliver.


Ethical Practices

We get you market awareness with honesty, professionalism and before time. This is what is best admired by our clients, colleagues, investors and business partners.


Environmental, social & governance

We are focused on saving the existing environmental resources to give a better tomorrow for the society. Our endevaour is to deliver a robust eco system leaving very little burden on the environment.

Our Values

We are committed to being transparent to our clients and ensuring that the satisfaction of their needs is central to everything we do.

Employees: We are committed to creating an environment where we can take pride in ourselves, our colleagues and our organization.

  • Team work
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Quality

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